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Leland Humble

Leland Humble

Research Scientist - Entomology
Pacific Forestry Centre
506 Burnside Road West
Victoria, British Columbia, V8Z 1M5

Tel.: (250) 298-2352


  • Conducts a wide range of research projects related to the detection of recently established invasive alien species or the prevention of adventive transport of non-indigenous species in international trade including the:
  • Development of detection tools for native and non-indigenous insects in urban and natural forest ecosystems. Current research interests include Adelgidae, Aphidoidea, Coccoidea, forest and urban Lepidoptera, bark and wood-boring Coleoptera; and
  • Evaluation of the effects of nonindigenous introductions on species diversity in forest ecosystems; and
  • Evaluation of the efficacy of phytosanitary treatments for green wood in preventing reinfestation of wood packaging;and
  • Development novel diagnostic tools for the identification of forest arthropods in collaboration with the Barcode of Life ; and
  • Curation of the Canadian Forest Service-Pacific Insect Reference Collection.
  • Exotic Wood-boring Beetles in BC: Interceptions and Establishments.


  • B.Sc., 1977, University of Victoria; Ph.D. (Biology), 1987.


  • Adjunct Professor, Forest Sciences Department, Faculty of Forestry, University of British Columbia


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