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Peter Ebling

Peter Ebling

Manager, Insect Production Services
Great Lakes Forestry Centre
1219 Queen Street East
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, P6A 2E5

Tel.: (705) 541-5517


Peter Ebling joined the Great Lakes Forestry Centre (GLFC) in 1982 after graduating from Sir Sanford Fleming College with a diploma in forestry. He spent his early years researching and testing both chemical and biological pesticides in the laboratory and through field trials. He transferred to the Virus Ecology program in 1986 where he researched naturally occurring and genetically modified insect viruses for the control of forest pests. In 1992, he was awarded the Forestry Canada Merit Award for team work in the development of a naturally occurring virus for the management of the gypsy moth. He was awarded the Public Service Award of Excellence in 1993 for his contribution to the concept and practice of sustainable development. In 1994, he was awarded the Sault Ste. Marie Medal of Merit in recognition of his achievements in the development of biological forest pest control agents. While continuing his research activities, he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in biology from Lake Superior State University in 1993 and took over the role of study leader in 1999. He assumed the added responsibility of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) Quality Assurance (QA) Manager in 1999 and led GLFC to become the first federal research laboratory in Canada accredited for meeting the OECD-GLP standard. He was awarded the Natural Resources Canada Departmental Merit Award in 2001 for his contribution. Also in that year, he became certified as a Registered Quality Assurance Professional (RQAP) in GLP. He left the Virus Ecology study in 2003 and assumed the role of Quality Management Specialist, combining responsibilities for GLP QA and insect rearing quality control (QC), while also maintaining a research program to develop new rearing and QC methods. In 2004 he took additional responsiblities for Insect Production Services and became manager of the team in 2008. He is currently responsible for Insect Production, Quality Control, Quaraintine and GLP programs, and is also engaged in activities supporting the commercialization of baculoviruses as pest control agents.

In 2009, Insect Production Services was presented with the Natural Resources Canada Departmental Achievement Award because of the team’s outstanding achievements in their specialized area.


Insect Production Services