Impact of forest management practices on forest nutrient and hydrological cycles

Field experiments are designed to examinethe impacts of organic matter removal (full-tree harvesting vs stem only, clearcut vs selection/shelterwood, bladed vs non bladed) and soil compaction on forest soil processes and sustainability of forest productivity. Work in jack pine ecosystems is part of the Long-Term Soil Productivity Study, an international partnership with the USDA Forest Service that has  research installations in a variety  of  forest and soil types across Canada and the United States. Work in tolerant hardwood forests at the Turkey Lakes Watershed has demonstrated the increased importance of event water and near surface pathways to streamflow in clearcut catchments in contrast to unharvested catchments. A recent study at the Island Lake Biomass Harvest Experiment  is investigating the effects of increased biomass removals associated with the increased production of energy from woody biomass on site productivity and biodiversity. This experiment is also evaluating the ecological effects of applying wood ash from biomass boilers to harvested sites.  All of this research addresses government and industry concerns about the immediate off-site impacts of forest management practices and longer term questions of soil fertility and the maintenance of sustainable forest productivity.

A section of cleared forest.
A section of cleared forest.
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