Canadian Forest Service Publications

ENFOR Review, Volume 4, Number 1, September 1983. (Bulletin ENFOR, volume 4, numéro 1, septembre 1983). 1983. Canadian Forestry Service. Environment Canada, Canadian Forestry Service, Headquarters, The ENFOR Secretariat, Ottawa. 37 p.

Year: 1983

Available from: National Capital Region

Catalog ID: 20070

Language: English / French

Series: ENFOR (CFS - Ottawa)


ENFOR (Energy from the FORest) was established in 1978 as part of a federal interdepartmental initiative to develop renewable energy sources. It is a contract research and development program aimed at generating sufficient knowledge and technology to realize a marked increase in the contribution of forest biomass to Canada's energy supply. This publication presents abstracts of recently issued ENFOR reports as well as an updated list of ENFOR projects.