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Le Programme forestier des Premières nations : Une perspective novatrice axée sur des partenariats favorisant un développement communautaire intégré. 2003. Dubois, A.; Cataldo, N.; Parsons, R. Ressources naturelles Canada, Service canadien des forêts, Administration centrale, Direction générale de l’industrie, de l’économie et des programmes, Ottawa (Ontario), Affaires indiennes et du Nord Canada. 10 p.

Year: 2003

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Language: French

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Canada is home to over 600 First Nation bands from the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans. From time immemorial, forests have been a way of life for First Nations, bringing together cultural, spiritual and social values. They have relied on forests for food, medicine, clothing and shelter. Forests continue to form an essential part of First Nations' well-being, providing economic benefits and fulfilling cultural and spiritual needs for present and future generations.

In 1996, the Government of Canada established the First Nations Forestry Program (FNFP) to help improve economic conditions in First Nation communities. Through this program, First Nations are able to build capacity and assume control of the management of forest resources on reserve lands, establish partnerships, and actively participate in off-reserve forestry and other economic development opportunities.

First Nations are directly involved in the management of this innovative and highly successful program. The program adapts itself to the various local conditions and levels of development of remote communities. The FNFP supports the unique relationship between forests and First Nations by providing a means to create sustainable communities and economic self-sufficiency.

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