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Science and technology. Forest pest research needs and priorities across Canada. 2014. Hodge, J. Canadian Council of Forest Ministers, Ottawa, Ontario. 68 p.

Year: 2014

Available from: National Capital Region

Catalog ID: 35393

Language: English

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Plain Language Summary

The National Forest Pest Strategy is recommending a more integrated process to identify and prioritize the science and technology needs of Canada’s pest management community, and to communicate those needs to research planning decision makers who can integrate them into their research programs. This report presents the results of a survey conducted in 2012/13 to identify the priority research needs of federal, provincial, and territorial agencies responsible for forest pest management across Canada.

Top priority research topics identified in this report include (1) climate change influences on pest behavior, pest population trends, and pest impacts; (2) pest risk analysis; (3) pest population dynamics and processes; and (4) pheromone-based monitoring tools. The highest priority pests at a national scale identified in the report include eastern spruce budworm, mountain pine beetle, spruce beetle, and emerald ash borer. Although not a pest, the inclusion of a category related to climate change and abiotic disturbances also highlights the importance of this issue to forest pest managers.

This report is intended to guide those writing research and funding proposals on forest pest science or management to public and private organizations, research institutions, or funding agencies across Canada.

Also available under the title:
Science et technologie. Besoins et priorités de la recherche sur les ravageurs forestiers au Canada. (French)



Science and technology. Forest pest research needs and priorities across Canada.
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