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Enhancing sustainable forest management practices in Canada. National Research Agenda (2019–2029). 2019. Natural Resources Canada, Canadian Forest Service. 28 p.

Year: 2019

Available from: National Capital Region

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Language: English

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Canada is committed to ensuring that its forests maintain their environmental, social, cultural and economic values now and in the long term. Sustainable forest management (SFM) is a recognized approach to achieving that goal. SFM also provides assurance to consumers in the global marketplace that Canada’s forest products are sourced from forests that are managed sustainably.

In Canada, forestry decisions and activities are based on strong scientific research, rigorous planning processes, and meaningful consultation with stakeholders. Laws, regulations and policies enforce sustainable management standards and practices across the country. While the provinces and territories have jurisdiction over the majority of Canada’s forests, Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) has responsibilities nationally and internationally, including conducting research related to forests to support the responsible development of Canada’s natural resources. This National Research Agenda has been developed with input from academia, industry, governmental and non-governmental collaborators on national data and research priorities to enhance sustainable forest management practices. It reflects national interests and priorities for the next 10 years, outlining the research needed to fill knowledge gaps and ensure Canada remains a leader in SFM.

The vision of this National Research Agenda is Canadians benefit from sustainable forests.

Also available under the title:
Améliorer les pratiques d’aménagement durable des forêts au Canada. Programme national de recherche (2019-2029). (French)

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