Canadian Forest Service employee directory

Jim Stewart

Research Scientist, Silviculture and Fibre Production
Canadian Wood Fibre Centre
5320 122 Street Northwest
Edmonton, Alberta, T6H 3S5

Tel.: (825) 510-1202


Jim’s research uses the lodgepole pine forest type as a model system to investigate the relationships that link tree and stand characteristics to fibre production and tree growth.

He conducts research on the quantity and quality of wood fibre produced in natural forests as well as the effects of thinning and fertilization in managed stands, developing fibre quality models, and assessing the value of silvicultural treatments.

Jim uses acoustic velocity and other non-destructive technologies to measure fibre attributes in standing trees, and is evaluating the potential of this data for improving the performance of fibre attribute models.

He is also part of a research effort that is investigating LiDAR-derived metrics to generate enhanced forest inventories, including predicting wood and fibre attributes in addition to traditional metrics.