Canadian Forest Service employee directory

Dr. Peter Newton

Research Scientist, Productivity Assessment and Modeling
Canadian Wood Fibre Centre
1219 Queen Street East
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, P6A 2E5

Tel.: (705) 541-5615


Peter has developed or is in the process of developing several innovative products for boreal conifers (jack pine, black spruce and red pine) as exemplified by the following contributions.

  1. Decision-support models and associated software for optimizing stand-level management decisions in relation to volumetric, product, value and ecological objectives (e.g., CROPLANNER);
  2. Analytical frameworks for (i) competition research (e.g., sequential competition analysis), (ii) regeneration sampling and evaluation (e.g., fixed precision list quadrat and double sampling designs), (iii) meta-analysis (e.g., quantifying volumetric yield responses to intensive forest management treatments (thinning, fertilization, tree improvement and vegetation management), (iv) computer-intensive approaches for optimal decision-making (e.g., optimization apps) and tree growth analysis (e.g., stem analysis software); and stand dynamics research (e.g., self-thinning analysis, diameter distribution modeling, site productivity assessment); and
  3. Utility assessment of various non-destructive tools (Fibre-gen ST200 and ST300) for evaluating wood quality (e.g., determining the significance of the relationships between acoustic velocity measurements and Silviscan-derived wood quality metrics in plantation red pine).      

He also collaborates with the regional, national, and international forest science, management and regulatory communities and disseminates his results through various scientific journals, conferences, workshops and web-based vectors. A participatory team-building approach involving the engagement of a broad array of stakeholders (applied science, policy and regulatory staff) and end-users (management foresters), characterizes his approach to developing operational-relevance products for use in sustainable forest management.