Forest Change Data Catalogue


Palmer Drought Severity Index (PDSI) (Hogg, E.H., Price, D.T., McKenney, D.W.)

The PDSI is calculated using precipitation, temperature, moisture-holding capacity of the soil, and local infiltration. Positive values represent wetter conditions, while negative values represent drier conditions, compared to the long-term (30-year) historical average for a location.

Data provided by: Ted Hogg, David Price

Reference: Wang, Y., Hogg, E.H., Price, D.T., Edwards, J. and Williamson, T., 2014. Past and projected future changes in moisture conditions in the Canadian boreal forest. The Forestry Chronicle, 90(5), pp.678-691.

Years Scenario Description Data Type Link
1951-2010 RCP Reference Period The PDSI calculated over each decade from 1951 to 2010 raster Download (2.1 MB)