Forest Change Data Catalogue


Percent change in annual precipitation (Price, D.T., McKenney, D.W. )

Average annual precipitation is the total amount of precipitation that falls in a year averaged over the time period being represented. The percentage change in precipitation is the predicted annual precipitation change, divided by the reference period annual precipitation and multiplied by 100. It gives an indication of the change in precipitation compared to the precipitation experienced in the past.

Data provided by: David Price, Dan McKenney

Reference: McKenney, D.W., Hutchinson, M.F., Papadopol, P., Lawrence, K., Pedlar, J., Campbell, K., Milewska, E., Hopkinson, R.F., Price, D. and Owen, T., 2011. Customized spatial climate models for North America. Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 92(12), pp.1611-1622.

Years Scenario Description Data Type Link
2071-2100 RCP 2.6 The projected percent average annual precipitation change for the period of 2071 to 2100 under RCP 2.6. raster Download (0.68 MB)
2011-2100 RCP 8.5 The projected average annual precipitation change for the periods 2011-2040, 2041-2070 and 2071-2100 under the RCP 8.5 scenario. raster Download (3 MB)