EVC - Evaluation and Validation of CHRIS for National Forests


At the request of CSA we proposed to ESA for their new hyperspectral sensor, CHRIS as part of the PROBA mission. The project is entitled Evaluation and Validation of CHRIS for National Forests (EVC). This proposal has been accepted by ESA. The objectives of EVC are to:

  1. Evaluate and validate CHRIS sensor performance (radiometric, geometric, temporal, between sensors);
  2. Evaluate and validate the feasibility of extracting bioindicators of forest condition (e.g. chlorophyll pigment and chlorophyll fluorescence Fv/Fmax) from CHRIS data;
  3. Evaluate and validate multi-angle measurements of BRDF, and determine the optimum set of angles for measuring forest parameters (species, structure, LAI, biomass, etc.);
  4. Evaluate and validate that CHRIS data can provide optical sensor continuity for the creation of forest data products, such as above-ground carbon, reforestation, afforestation, and deforestation (Kyoto Protocol) and products for sustainable forest management.

The EVEOSD experiment with NASA provides an excellent basis for CHRIS and the EVC project.

Project status

  • Completed

Team members