Advanced Forest Technologies


Rapidly changing views on forestry and the environment require new and timely information to guide decision-making processes. Traditional approaches to dissemination of resource information will be replaced by knowledge-based resource information systems and high speed, mobile communications.

The Pacific Forestry Centre (PFC) in Victoria has scientific staff experienced in problems associated with resource management, remote sensing, computer-based decision support systems (artificial intelligence), geographic information systems (GIS), and forest modeling for technology transfer.

In response to these issues, the Pacific Forestry Centre has created the Methods and Systems Study which deals with Advanced Forest Technologies (AFT). AFT's purpose is to develop new approaches in the areas of remote sensing, geographic information systems, artificial intelligence, expert systems, and decision support systems to:

  • assist the resource and environmental manager with integrated resource planning;
  • provide the land manager with tools for sustainable development;
  • strengthen the tertiary technology business through technology transfer and consultation;
  • provide the public with visual aids for relating to the forest.

Project status

  • On-going