Future AshNet work


AshNet is working on the following projects:

Ash regulations across Canada and internationally

A compilation of existing Canadian guidelines, regulations and restrictions for forest soil amendment with wood ash, and international guidelines relevant to wood ash application to forests in Canada.

Canadian wood ash chemistry database

A database with the chemical properties of wood ashes sampled from boilers across Canada.

Techno-economic analysis

An analysis of the costs and benefits of wood ash application to forests based on:

  • processing,
  • transportation,
  • application,
  • environmental impacts and enhancement,
  • increased productivity, and
  • landfilling vs soil applications.

AshNet research sites

A summary of experimental research sites in Canada that are examining the ecological impacts of wood ash applications on:

  • tree nutrition,
  • ground vegetation,
  • soil chemical and biological properties,
  • community structure and diversity of soil organisms
  • water quality.


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