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Wolbachia and DNA barcoding insects: patterns, potential, and problems. 2012. Smith, M.A.; Bertrand, C.; Crosby, K.; Eveleigh, E.S.; Fernandez-Triana, J.; Fisher, B.L.; Gibbs, J.; Hajibabaei, M.; Hallwachs, W.; Hind, K.; Hrcek, J.; Huang, D.-W.; Janda, M.; Janzen, D.H.; Li, Y.; Miller, S.E.; Packer, L.; Quicke, D.; Ratnasingham, S.; Rodriguez, J.; Rougerie, R.; Shaw, M.R.; Sheffield, C.; Stahlhut, J.K.; Steinke, D.; Whitfield, J.; Wood, M.; Zhou, X. PlosOne 7(5): e36514. doi: 10.1371/journal/pone.0036514.

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