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A model-data comparison of gross primary productivity: results from the North American Carbon Program site synthesis. 2012. Schaefer, K.; Schwalm, C.R.; Williams, C.; Arain, M.A.; Barr, A.; Chen, J.M.; Davis, K.J.; Dimitrov, D.; Hilton, T.W.; Hollinger, D.Y.; Humphreys, E.; Poulter, B.; Raczka, B.M.; Richardson, A.D.; Sahoo, A.; Thornton, P.; Vargas, R.; Verbeeck, H.; Anderson, R.; Baker, I.; Black, T.A.; Bolstad, P.; Chen, J.; Curtis, P.S.; Desai, A.R.; Dietze, M.; Dragoni, D.; Gough, C.; Grant, R.F.; Gu, L.; Jain, A.; Kucharik, C.; Law, B.; Liu, S.; Lokipitiya, E.; Margolis, H.A.; Matamala, R.; McCaughey, J.H.; Monson, R.; Munger, J.W.; Oechel, W.; Peng, C.; Price, D.T.; Ricciuto, D.; Riley, W.J.; Roulet, N.; Tian, H.; Tonitto, C.; Torn, M.; Weng, E.; Zhou, X. Journal of Geophysical Research 117(G3):1-15.

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