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T12: Assessment of the Status and the Development of the Standards for the Terrestrial Essential Climate Variables – Biomass. 2009. Bombelli, A.; Avitabile, V.; Baltzer, H.; Belelli Marchesini, L.; Bernoux, M.; Brady, M.; Hall, R.J.; Hansen, M.; Henry, M.; Herold, M.; Janetos, A.; Law, B.E.; Manlay, R.; Marklund, L.G.; Olsson, H.; Pandey, D.; Saket, M.; Schmullius, C.; Sessa, R.; Shimabukuro, Y.E.; Valentini, R.; Wulder, M. Global Terrestrial Observing System Report #67. Version 10, May 25, 2009. Rome, Italy. 30 p.

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