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Estimating retention benchmarks for salvage logging to protect biodiversity. 2020. Thorn, S.; Chao, A.; Georgiev, K.B.; Müller, J.; Bässler, C.; Campbell, J.L.; Castro, J.; Chen, Y.-H.; Choi, C.-Y.; Cobb, T.; Donato, D.C.; Durska, E.; Macdonald, E.; Feldhaar, H.; Fontaine, J.B.; Fornwalt, P.J.; Hernandez Hernandez, R.M.; Hutto, R.L.; Koivula, M.; Lee, E.-J.; Lindenmayer, D.; Mikusinski, G.; Obrist, M.K.; Perlik, M.; Rost, J.; Waldron, K.,; Wermelinger, B.; Weiß, I.; Zmihorski, M.; Leverkus, A.B. Nature Communications 11: 4762.

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