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Wildfire-driven forest conversion in western North American landscapes. 2020. Coop, J.D.; Parks, S.A.; Stevens-Rumann, C.S.; Crausbay, S.D.; Higuera, P.E.; Hurteau, M.D.; Tepley, A.; Whitman, E.; Assal, T.; Collins, B.M.; Davis, K.T.; Dobrowski, S.; Falk, D.A.; Fornwalt, P.J.; Fulé, P.Z.; Harvey, B.J.; Kane, V.R.; Littlefield, C.E.; Margolis, E.Q.; North, M.; Parisien, M.-A.; Prichard, S.; Rodman, K.C. BioScience 70(8):659-673.

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