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Approvisionnement en bois au Canada : Situation actuelle et perspectives. 1991. Runyon, K.L. Forêts Canada, Région des Maritimes, la Direction générale de l'économie et des statistiques, Fredericton (Nouveau-Brunswick). Rapport d'information E-X-45F. 138 p.

Year: 1991

Issued by: Pacific Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 10029

Language: French

Series: Information Report (CFS - Ottawa)

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 This report provides an overview of Canada's current timber supply status based on a review of recent provincial analyses. It is the first phase of Forestry Canada's National Timber Supply Study. Allowable annual cut (AAC) and recent harvest levels are presented for each province. Canada's current AAC is estimated to be 233 million m3 - 175 million m3 of softwood and 58 million m3 of hardwood. Average harvest from 1986 to 1990 was 170 million m3 of softwood and 16 million m3 of hardwood. These harvest figures include 22 million m3, predominantly softwood, from private lands for which an AAC has not been calculated.
 The conclusions are that there is substantial hardwood supply available, but that current softwood harvest is approaching the maximum sustainable level given current biological, economic, and technological conditions. However, as shown in the study, these conditions are changing. Increased effort is being put into more intensive management including forest renewal and protection. Utilization is improving through more effective harvesting and processing, and demand for finished products is changing. These and a variety of other factors will affect the sustainable level of timber available for harvest.
 In this study an attempt is made to identify these determinants and their effects, but the study is essentially descriptive and provides only a snapshot view of current conditions. The second phase of this work, which is currently underway, is aimed at understanding the dynamic nature of timber supply and demand, and providing a tool for strategic level policy and program analysis.

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