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Compendium of Canadian forestry statistics 1992. 1993. Canadian Council of Forest Ministers. National Forestry Database Program, Ottawa. Compendium of Canadian forestry statistics 1992. 122 p.

Year: 1993

Issued by: National Capital Region

Catalog ID: 10084

Language: English

Series: Compendium of Canadian Forestry Statistics (CFS - Ottawa)

CFS Availability: Not available through the CFS (click for more information).

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This compendium of statistics is compiled from the National Forestry Database and is the second of a series published annually. It presents the 1990 and 1991 data as well as key historical information gathered by earlier surveys. Data are presented in tabular and graphic form.

The National Forestry Database is a federal/provincial/territorial initiative under the auspices of the Canadian Council of Forest Ministers; it is coordinated by the Canadian Forest Service, Natural Resources Canada. The database provides a description of the level of forestry activity in any period and marks change in the activity and in the resource itself. Activity data are provided to the database managers each year by the provincial and territorial forestry agencies. Data for federal forest lands are collected by the Canadian Forest Service from the various federal agencies responsible for their management. Forest inventory data are compiled every five years.