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Insectes et maladies des arbres au Canada 1994. 1996. Hall, J.P., compilateur. Ressources naturelles Canada, Service canadien des forêts, Administration centrale, Direction générale des sciences, Ottawa (Ontario). 116 p. (comprend : index des insectes, des maladies, des dégâts et des biocontrôles).

Year: 1996

Issued by: National Capital Region

Catalog ID: 10281

Language: French

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This is the 15th report in a revised format of national annual reports of the Forest Insect and Disease Survey which date back to 1936. The major insect pests (22 in all) are described in Chapter 1, while the 5 most important diseases are covered in Chapter 2. Abiotic stresses are described in Chapter 3. These are defined as causing damage in forests, but not by any identifiable organism. Primarily weather-related, they include frost, drought and windstorm damage. Chapter 4 reports on surveys of forest health by the Acid Rain National Early Warning System (ARNEWS), the North American Maple Project (NAMP), and other regional networks. Reports on nurseries and seed orchards as well as young stands and plantations are described in Chapter 5. The Appendix, Other Insects, Diseases and Damage, consists of a series of regional summary tables of pests that usually do not have spectacular effects but are important because of their potential for expansion, considerations of quarantine, and their possible role as vectors, and as indicators of other problems.

Also available under the title:
Forest insect and disease conditions in Canada 1994 (English)