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The "trap-log" method to survey the distribution of Armillaria mellea in forest soils. 1985. Mallett, K.I.; Hiratsuka, Y. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 15(6): 1191-1193.

Year: 1985

Issued by: Northern Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 11276

Language: English

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A technique using trembling aspen logs was tested to detect and study Armillariamellea in the soil of a young lodgepole pine stand. A total of 121 sharpened trembling aspen logs were pounded into the ground 1 m apart in a 10 × 10 m grid. Evidence of colonization by A. mellea appeared in 31 logs. A map was drawn to show relationships of colonized logs to diseased and healthy trees as well as to stumps within the plot. Eight distinctive patches were found within the plot. Isolates from positive "trap logs" and diseased trees were found to be the same biological species of the A. mellea complex.