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Diagnosis of air pollutant and natural stress symptoms on forest vegetation in western Canada. 1980. Malhotra, S.S.; Blauel, R.A. Environment Canada, Canadian Forestry Service, Northern Forest Research Centre, Edmonton, Alberta. Information Report NOR-X-228E.

Year: 1980

Issued by: Northern Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 11924

Language: English

Series: Information Report (NoFC - Edmonton)

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Industrial operations in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and the Northwest Territories release airborne emissions that can injure surrounding forest vegetation. This report describes symptoms of these pollutants and of natural stresses that may appear similar. The industries discussed include natural gas processing plants, oil wells and refineries, oil sand plants, metal mines and smelters, cement plants, potash industry, pulp and paper mills, and agricultural chemical production and application. Nineteen pages of color photographs provide examples of these symptoms on forest vegetation.

Also available under the title:
Diagnostic des symptômes des stress provoqués par les polluants atmosphériques et les agents naturels sur la végétation forestière dans l’Ouest canadien (French)