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Wind speed and snow evaporation in a stand of juvenile lodgepole pine in Alberta. 1990. Bernier, P.Y. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 20 : 309-314.

Year: 1990

Available from: Laurentian Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 14039

Language: French

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Wind speed and snow evaporation were measured in a small aritifical stand of 2.5-m lodgepole pines and in an adjacent field during the winter of 1987. Stand densities of 2500, 1650, and 800 stems/ha were obtained through periodic removal of trees. The reduction of wind speed brought about by the trees is a linear function of ɵ, the angle of view from the anemometer to the tops of the surrounding trees. When the stand was at full density, snow evaporation was about one-third of that measured in the open field, and when stand density was reduced to 1650 stems/ha, snow evaporation was equal to that of the open field. Because of high melt rates, no data were obtained from the lowest stand density. The results are summarized in a predictive relation between the angle of view ɵ and the reduction in snow evaporation caused by the trees.

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