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Recovery of endophytes of Abies balsamea from needles and galls of Paradiplosis tumifex. 1989. Petrini, L.E.; Petrini, O.; Laflamme, G. Phytoprotection 70: 97-103.

Year: 1989

Available from: Laurentian Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 14188

Language: English

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Endophytic fungi were isolated from the needles of nine 10- to 15-year-old balsam fir trees located at the Montmorency Experimental Forest, Quebec. Both healthy and galled needles attacked by the gall midge, Paradiplosis tumifex, were sampled in June, July, and August 1987. Thirty-five fungal species were identified but only two, Phyllosticta sp. and Hormonema dematioides were dominant colonizers. Phyllosticta sp. colonized the galled needles more frequently than the healthy ones. If biological control of Paradiplosis tumifex is to be undertaken, we suggest that Phyllosticta sp. and, alternatively, H. dematioides, may be tested as possible antagonists of the balsam gall midge.

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