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Production and cytogenetics of hybrids of Triticum aestivum X Leymus innovatus. 1989. Plourde, A.; Comeau, A.; Fedak, G.; St-Pierre, C.A. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 78: 436-444.

Year: 1989

Issued by: Laurentian Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 14194

Language: English

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Hybrid plants were obtained between Triticum aestivum (2n=6x=42, AABBDD) and Leymus innovatus (2n=4x=28, JJNN) at a frequency varying from 0.4% to 1.2% of the pollinated florets. Improvement of the embryo culture medium resulted in a higher frequency of embryo rescue. Eight of ten hybrids had the expected chromosome number of 35 (ABDJN). Meiotic analysis indicated that there was no homology between the genomes of the two species. Two hybrids had only 28 chromosomes. Comparison of chromosome pairing between the two types of hybrids suggested that Leymus innovatus carries genes that affect chromosome pairing and behavior. The relatively high occurrence of spontaneous doubling in the meiocytes of these hybrids may indicate that backcrossing of the hybrids to wheat should be possible, although frequent chromosome irregularities observed in the meiocytes of the hybrids may decrease the probability of success of this step, which is essential to the process of gene transfer from L. innovatus to wheat.