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Effects of endogenous and exogenous sources of acidification on the chemical properties of a podzol. 1987. Boutin, R.; Robitaille, G. Pages 429-436 in R. Perry, R.M. Harrison, J.N.B. Bell, and J.N. Lester, editors. Acid Rain: Scientific and Technical Advances, Proceedings: Acid Rain Conference. September 1-3, 1987, Lisbon, Portugal. Selpher Ltd., London, England.

Year: 1987

Issued by: Laurentian Forestry Centre

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Language: English

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An in vitro acidification experiment was performed on reconstituted profiles of a orthic ferro-humic podzol. Endogenous production of protons associated with nitrification was responsible for a significant drop of pH and exchangeable bases in the organic horizons LF and H. This process was more effective in leaching K than Mg and Ca as a percentage of the initial level. The converse was true for acidification by exogenous sources; compared to the control (pH 5.6), acidified water (pH 4.3 to pH 2.6 with a 2/1 equivalent ratio of H2SO4/HNO3) induced a significant gradient of Ca and Mg losses while K losses were significant only at pH 2.6. In the mineral horizons, bases were not substantially depleted and the acid treatments induced a significant drop of pH related to an increased concentration of A1 in soil solution.