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Pucerons nouveaux et peu connus du Mexique. 4e note : nouvelles espèces de Tuberculatus subg. Toltecallis subg. Nov. (Hom. Aphididae) 1983. Remaudière, G.; Quednau, F.W. The Canadian Entomologist 115 : 637-648.

Year: 1983

Issued by: Laurentian Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 14424

Language: French

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Tuberculatus (Toltecallis) subg. nov. is characterized by the spiculation of the dorsal hairs of nymphs and by the basal pigmentation of the tibiae which differs from that of T. (Pacificallis). Three species are classified in the subgenus: T. (T.) mexicanus sp. n. (type of subgenus), distinguished by its long processus terminalis, T. (T.) garciamartelli sp. n. with spinal processes restricted to the two first abdominal segments and with short and thin spinal hairs on the embryo, and T. (T.) spiculatus Richards with processes on tergites I-IV and very long spinal setae on the embryo; the subspecies rebecae subsp. nov. of the last species has siphunculi and apical rostral segment longer and narrower at the base than in spiculatus s. str. The viviparous winged form, the embryo, and the alatoid nymph are described. The sexual forms are unknown. All the species live on Quercus in the central part of Mexico between an elevation of 2200 and 2700 m.