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Forest insect and disease conditions, Vancouver District, 1974. 1974. Wood, R.O.; Wood, C.S. Environment Canada, Forestry Service, Pacific Forest Research Centre, Victoria, BC. Information Report BC-X-111. 13 p.

Year: 1974

Issued by: Pacific Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 1483

Language: English

Series: Information Report (PFC - Victoria)

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Western spruce budworm was the major cause of damage in the Vancouver District and defoliation of Douglas-fir stands increased from 1973 levels, mostly in the eastern parts of the District. Blackheaded budworm populations on Vancouver Island declined to low levels and no defoliation of western hemlock was recorded. The balsam woolly aphid was found in Garibaldi Park, extending the known northern boundary of the insect. Douglas-fir beetle attacks, which normally are insignificant on Vancouver Island, occurred on a larger scale in a number of areas. Mountain pine beetles continued to kill western white and lodgepole pine trees, the latter species notably in the Klinaklini River Valley. Poplar-and-willow borers caused extensive damage to shade trees at the Anderson Lake Fisheries Station. Satin moth, normally found in the more southern areas, defoliated black cottonwood trees at Birkenhead Lake. European pine shoot moth persisted at moderate levels in the Vancouver area. Populations of western hemlock looper were low throughout the District.

Fungi that cause perennial cankers, decays and root rots produce substantial losses, but their occurrence usually does not fluctuate dramatically; therefore, a yearly account of their status is unnecessary. Injuries from annual diseases (weather conditions, foliage rusts, etc.) were at a low level in 1974. Douglas-fir needle cast was recorded at several locations on Vancouver Island and the Mainland. Berckmann's Blight, a foliage disease, was observed at two locations in the District. A conifer needle rust infected numerous Douglas-fir trees in a plantation at Aldergrove. Winter drying was severe in lodgepole pine stands in the Klinaklini River Valley and extensive damage to deciduous trees by heavy snowfalls occurred in parts of the Fraser Valley during the winter of 1973-74.