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Initiation and development of adventitious roots in stem cuttings of Hedera helix : anatomical studies of the juvenile growth phase. 1967. Girouard, R.M. Canadian Journal of Botany 45: 1877-1881.

Year: 1967

Issued by: Laurentian Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 15282

Language: English

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Anatomical studies were made of adventitious root formation in the internodes of cuttings from juvenile phase plants of Hedera helix, English ivy. Observations showed that adventitious roots originate in phloem ray parenchyma above the basal cuts within a period of 6-10 days. The actual emergence of the roots is at right angles to the main axis of the stems and the roots appear 10-14 days after the cuttings are made. Fibers are present in groups external and tangential to the phloem strands, but they do not inhibit development of the roots.