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Factors affecting the germination spores of Hypoxylon pruinatum. 1967. Hubbes, M.; D'Astous, R. Can. J. Botany 45(7): 1145-1154.

Year: 1967

Issued by: Laurentian Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 15369

Language: English

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The optimum temperature for germination of ascospores of Hypoxylon pruinatum was 32 °C, and for conidia was 25 °C. Ascopores germinated best at pH 6.1. Both conidia and ascospore germination was inhibited on both unwounded and freshly wounded aspen bark. Inhibition was greatest on freshly wounded bark. Ascospore germination was 1.9% after 96 h on 2% malt agar containing 660 p.p.m. pyrocatechol. while complete inhibition occurred at 330 p.p.m. of the chemical in distilled water. Experiments suggest that the 48-h delay in spore germination was not due to the direct action of contaminating microorganisms.