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A larch canker caused by Leucostoma kunzei (Fr.) Munk ex Kern. 1964. Lavallée, A. Canadian Journal of Botany 42: 1495-1502.

Year: 1964

Issued by: Laurentian Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 15446

Language: English

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A branch and stem canker disease, affecting up to 40% of exotic larch trees in plantations and a number of native larch trees in natural stands, was investigated in Quebec. The disease was found to be associated with the imperfect stage of Leucostoma kunzei (Fr.) Munk ex Kern. The taxonomic position of this fungus is reviewed. Monoascosporic isolates obtained from different sources yielded various cultural patterns but these could not be related to hosts or to ascospore size. Isolates from exotic larches developed less rapidly than those from native larch on various media. Results of held inoculations indicated that exotic larches are more susceptible than the native species. Susceptibility of a number of other coniferous species was also demonstrated. Unfavorable environmental factors, such as persistent summer drought, seemed necessary for the establishment and development of the disease.