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Conidial states of some Pragmopora and Tympanis species. 1975. Sutton, B.C.S.; Funk, A. Canadian Journal of Botany 53(6): 521-526.

Year: 1975

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Language: English

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DOI: 10.1139/b75-064

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Pragmopycnis pithya gen. et sp. nov. is introduced for the conidial state of Pragmopora pithya (Fr.) Groves and is characterized by simple, solitary, brown pycnidia, integrated polyphialides, and hyaline, allantoid, aseptate conidia. A comparison is made with Sirodothis Clements, which provides an earlier name for Pleurophomella Höhnel, a name currently adopted for the conidial states of Tympanis Tode ex Fr. Sirodothis populnea (Thüm.) comb, nov., S. saligna (Höhn.) comb, nov., S. inversa (Fr.) comb, nov., and S. columnaris (Wallr.) comb. nov. are proposed for the named conidial states of four Tympanis species.

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