Canadian Forest Service Publications

Pathogenicity tests of some discomycetes occurring on conifers. 1973. Smerlis, E. Can. J. For. Res. 3(1): 7-16.

Year: 1973

Issued by: Laurentian Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 15956

Language: English

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Pathogenicity of Cenangium ferruginosum Fr. ex Fr., Dermea balsamea (Pk.) Seaver, D. piceina Groves, Potebniamyces coniferarum (Hahn) Smerlis, and Pragmopora pithya ((Fr.) Groves was confirmed and demonstrated on additional tree species. Pathogenicity of the following was demonstrated for the first time: Ascocalyx laricina (Ettl.) Schl├Ąpfer, Biatorella resinae (Fr.) Mudd, Dermea pinicola Groves, Lachnellula agassizii (Berk. & Curt.) Dennis, L. arida (Phill.) Dennis, L. gallica (Karst. & Har.) Dennis, L. occidentalis (Hahn & Ayers) Dharne, Potebniamyces balsamicola Smerlis var. balsamicola, and Pragmopora amphibola Massal. Inoculations with Ascocalyx abietis Naumov, Lachnellula ciliata (Hahn) Dennis, L. suecica (de By. ex Fckl.) Nannf., Odontotrema hemisphaericum (Fr.) Rehm, Pezicula livida (Berk. & Br.) Rehm, and Tryblidiopsis picea Vel. were negative.