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Adaptation of nuclear-polyhedrosis virus of Trichiocampus viminalis (Fallén) to larvae of Trichiocampus irregularis (Dyar). 1963. Smirnoff, W.A. J. Insect Pathol. 5(1): 104-110.

Year: 1963

Issued by: Laurentian Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 15980

Language: English

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A virus (Borrelinavirus) causing disease in larvae of the poplar sawfly, Trichiocampus viminalis (Fallén), was adapted to the willow sawfly, Trichiocampus irregularis (Dyar) by successive passages in this host. In the first passage, the original virus caused a very weak development of the disease syndrome; cases of mortality among T. irregularis larvae were occasional. In the second passage, the adapted virus showed a pronounced increase of virulence which was again slightly increased in the third passage, but thereafter remained stable in all succeeding passages. The adapted virus failed to reach the high degree of virulence evinced in its original host, T. viminalis. Infection with the adapted strain of virus in larvae of the original host, T. viminalis, showed the same degree of pathogenicity as did the original strain.