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The field performance of ten Bellani radiation integrators. 1963. Vézina, P.E. s.n., S.l. Report-62-10. 7 p.

Year: 1963

Issued by: Laurentian Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 16172

Language: English

Series: Internal Report (LFC - Québec)

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The field performance of ten Bellani radiation integrators (pyranometers) was determined during 47 days in the spring and summer of 1962. The model tested was the Davos Observatory Model which has a spherical, metal-coated glass radiation receiver, a distillation system with very low residual air pressure, and uses alcohol as a liquid. Since the instrument is not massproduced, the alcohol content varies slightly from one instrument to another. So, each is individually calibrated by the manufacturer. One of the ten instruments compared was used as a standard. It was found that, after one year of use, the daily response of all ten pyranometers to changing meteorological conditions was essentially the same.