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Volume of wood residues for energy production at Parent (Blais, McNeil, Lussier, Tremblay and Associates, and Dendrotik inc.) Summary. 1979. Frisque, G. s.n., S.l. ENFOR project P-6. LAU-X-40E. 15 p.

Year: 1979

Issued by: Laurentian Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 16240

Language: English

Series: ENFOR (CFS - Ottawa)

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A study was carried out on cutover areas and at the "Scierie Parent Inc." sawmill to determine the quantity and quality of wood residues available to supply a possible thermal power plant. Results show that an average of 57.3 metric tonnes of fresh residues per hectare are found after tree-length logging operations in jack pine stands. This corresponds to 37.2 oven-dry metric tonnes per hectare, i.e. tree tops (38%), broken stems (21%), dead or diseased trees (21%) and branches (19%). An additional average of 325 residual stems per hectare is available, representing a volume of 6.15 m3/ha. There remain also 1 901 stumps per hectare, with an estimated above-ground volume of 2.03 m3/ha. Wood processing in the sawmill produces, for each m3 of piled wood in the sawmill's yard, an average of 393.3 kg of chips with a mean moisture content of 77%, 74.3 kg of bark with a mean moisture content of 92% and 20.6 kg of sawdust with a mean moisture content of 65%. Available quantities of residues are sufficient to supply a 3 MW thermal plant which would meet the needs of both the sawmill and the town of Parent.