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Effect of shoot size on the gas exchange and growth of containerized Picea mariana seedlings under different watering regimes. 1997. Lamhamedi, M.S.; Bernier, P.Y.; Hébert, C. New Forests 13(1): 209-223.

Year: 1997

Issued by: Laurentian Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 16748

Language: English

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Containerized black spruce (Picea mariana [Mill.] B.S.P.) seedlings of three different sizes (small, medium, and large) were planted in raised sand beds maintained under wet, moderately dry or dry watering regimes during the growing season. The small seedlings were of a conventional stock type. The two larger sizes were novel stock types grown in larger containers. Physiological measurements during the summer showed that the small and medium seedlings maintained nearly similar levels of gas exchanges and water status, but that the large seedlings had reduced net photosynthesis and stomatal conductance under all watering regimes. Analysis of dry masses showed comparable relative growth rates in the small and medium seedlings, but a small to null growth in the large seedlings. Examination of root relative growth rate under wet conditions revealed significant root growth in small and medium seedlings, but negligible growth in the large seedlings. It was concluded that increasing the shoot size of containerized seedlings can be achieved without increasing the susceptibility of the seedlings to water stress, as long as the vigour of the root system is maintained.