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L'indice de compétition interindividuelle de Schütz. 1997. Ung, C.-H.; Raulier, F.; Ouellet, D.; Dhôte, J.F. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 27(4) : 521-526.

Year: 1997

Issued by: Laurentian Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 16749

Language: French

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Schütz index is a distance-dependant competition index that evaluates the tree growth by taking into account both the horizontal (distance between crown radii) and vertical competition (height difference). Relative to most of the distance-dependant indices, Schütz index considers crown radius instead of diameter at breast height. Two black spruce stands of regular and irregular structure are chosen to analyse the behaviour and the performance of the index. Relative to Armey and Monserud-Ek indices that also use crown radius. Schütz index satisfyingly estimates basal area and volume increments. The horizontal component of the index, however, is not indispensable for estimating height increment. Because of its particular formulation, Schütz index is heighly convenient for determining competitor trees in forest.