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Reliability of estimating clear-cut and uncut mature timber areas using landsat imagery. 1976. Lee, Y.J. Pages 265-272 in G.E. Thompson, editor. Proceedings of the Third Canadian Symposium on Remote Sensing, September 22-24, 1975, Edmonton, Alberta. Canadian Aeronautics and space Institute, Ottawa

Year: 1976

Issued by: Pacific Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 1716

Language: English

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Visual evaluation of LANDSAT data by color additive viewer enhancement has suggested that multi-date satellite imagery can be used to estimate clear-cut and uncut mature timber areas, especially areas that have been clear-cut within the past year and where LANDSAT signature responds to reflectance from exposed mineral soil. This paper demonstrates that clear-cut and uncut mature timber areas can be identified and acreages estimated. Image 100 supervised classification system was also studied.

Results are (1) Areas clear-cut within the past year were overestimated by 12.9% (105 ha), (2) areas clear-cut 1 year or more were over-estimated by 2.2% (76 ha), and (3) areas of uncut mature timber were underestimated by 3.6% (176 ha). Difficulty was encountered in transferring the area boundaries to a map with a scale of 1:63,360, using a 35 mm slide projector. Therefore, projection was done in 26 small areas, 2 to 4 cm at a time. Discrepancies were found in three clear-cut areas and, therefore, also in two neighboring mature timber areas. The difference between area estimates from logging company map and from LANDSAT enhancement was significant when all 26 areas were included, but not significant when the two small discrepancy areas were excluded from the analysis. The study indicates that color enhancement is a good tool in up-dating clear-cut and mature timber areas in a forest management unit.