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The potentially rare and endangered terrestrial arthropods in British Columbia: revisiting British Columbia’s biodiversity. 2000. Humble, L.M.; Winchester, N.N.; Ring, R.A. Pages 101-108 (Vol. 1) in L.M. Darling, Editor. At Risk: Proceedings of a conference on the biology and managment of species and habitats at risk, February 15-19, 1999, University College of the Cariboo, Kamloops, BC. BC Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks, Victoria, BC, copublished by the University College of the Cariboo. 490 p.

Year: 2000

Available from: Pacific Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 18015

Language: English

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This paper provides an update to portions of the annotated systematic list of the endemic and potentially rare and endangered terrestrial arthropods in British Columbia published by Scudder (1994). Detailed arthropod diversity inventories in forest sites in coastal British Columbia have provided significant new information on the presence and distribution of species in these habitats. Since 1991, over 3.4 million specimens have been collected and they form one of the largest databases in North America to answer biodiversity-driven questions concerning arthropods, endemism, disjunct distributions, dispersal capabilities and the impact of exotic species. We present evidence to support the assertion that these forests are global and continental foci of diversity for several taxa. The summarizing of these basic patterns of species richness and distribution for arthropods forms the framework that is at the heart of the biodiversity challenge. This information must be considered if the issues that surround the maintenance of biological diversity in British Columbia is to be integrated and interpreted at all taxonomic levels.

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