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Commercial forestry: the road to sustainability in British Columbia. 1998. Wilson, W.R. Pages 164-171 in Forest management into the next century: what will make it work, Proceedings: Forest management into the next century: what will make it work. November 19-21, 1997, Spokane, Washington. Forest Products Society, Madison WI.

Year: 1998

Issued by: Pacific Forestry Centre

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Language: English

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Commercial forestry in British Columbia (BC) is based on harvesting the natural timber endowment, with a large part of the harvest coming from one of the world's few remaining coastal temperate rainforests, and the timberlands are primarily publicly owned. This combination produces strong policy challenges and limitations on policy options. In pursuit of sustainability BC has implemented detailed forest management prescription, land use zonation, protected area expansion, a comprehensive review of timber harvest levels, transition support for labour, and a major investment in renewal of the forest resource. The policy package is seen as a necessary step to sustainable forestry and involving trade-offs in resource use. These trade-offs have substantial costs including the increased cost of timber access and potential compensation in reassigned land use.