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Canada’s National Forest Inventory (responding to current information needs) 2001. Gillis, M.D. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 67: 121-129.

Year: 2001

Issued by: Pacific Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 18065

Language: English

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Canada’s current National Forest Inventory is a periodic compilation of existing inventory material from across the country. While the current approach has many advantages, it lacks information on the nature and rate of changes to the resource, and does not permit projections or forecasts. Being a compilation of inventories of different dates, the current national forest inventory cannot reflect the current state of the forests and therefore cannot be used as a satisfactory baseline for monitoring change. The current format of Canada’s National Forest Inventory has served its purpose by providing national statistical compilations and reporting. However, its useful life is coming to a conclusion. To meet new demands, Canada is considering a new National Forest Inventory design consisting of a plot-based system of permanent observational units located on a national grid. The objective of the new inventory design is to assess and monitor the extent, state and sustainability of Canada’s forests in a timely and accurate manner. Details of the new inventory design are described. A strategy to respond to Canada’s national and international forest reporting commitments through a National Forest Information System is also discussed.