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Scleroconidioma, a new genus of dematiaceous Hyphomycetes. 2000. Tsuneda, A.; Thormann, M.N.; Currah, R.S. Canadian Journal of Botany 78(10): 1294-1298.

Year: 2000

Issued by: Northern Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 18200

Language: English

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Scleroconidioma sphagnicola gen.nov. et sp.nov. (Hyphomycetes) is described from necrotic patches of Sphagnum fuscum (Schimp.) Klinggr. found in a bog in Alberta, Canada. In the leaves of the host and in culture the fungus forms minute dematiaceous stromata. Hyaline, bacilliform conidia are extruded in succession from papillate conidiogenous cells that develop on the stroma surface. Hyaline bacilliform conidia, as well as a more variable and pigmented conidial type, also arise from short conidiogenous cells or directly from vegetative hyphae in culture. Discrete tufts of white, setiform hyphae also form on agar media and constitute an additional distinctive feature of the new taxon.