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Evaluation of key biological relationships of western budworm and its host trees. 1979. Thomson, A.J. Fisheries and Environment Canada, Canadian Forest Service, Pacific Forest Research Centre, Victoria, BC. Information Report BC-X-186. 19 p.

Year: 1979

Issued by: Pacific Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 1835

Language: English

Series: Information Report (PFC - Victoria)

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Factors influencing the population dynamics of the western budworm Choristoneura occidentalis are reviewed, and the mathematical functional form of important relationships and linkage of the relationships in a simulation model are described. Each cycle of the simulation begins after the budworm eggs are laid in the fall, and is 1 year in duration. Simulation of spatial effects is accomplished by examining the population dynamics of individual cells within a grid, the cells being linked by dispersal relationships. A general method of simulating dispersal in mountainous terrain, where dispersal may be channelled by topography, is described.

In view of several presently unquantifiable relationships, no numerical analyses of the model are presented; rather, the model is used to define key relationships for further investigation and to provide a framework within which new information may be considered as it becomes available.



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