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Research and management strategies for major tree diseases in Canada: Synthesis - Part 2. 1993. Singh, P. The Forestry Chronicle 69(3): 314-322.

Year: 1993

Issued by: National Capital Region

Catalog ID: 18447

Language: English

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Forests are diverse and complex associations of plant and animal life that are influenced considerably by their environment and man, and by their interactions. Forest pests, including pathogens, form an important component of the forest ecosystem, and their management is an integral part of forest management. There is, however, a need to obtain a better understanding of these pests, and their relationships with plants and other factors in the environment.

This article attempts to compile most of the available information about research on major tree diseases in Canada, particularly that which deals with or has led to the development of strategies to control or manage those diseases. A brief information of Canada's forest resource and the losses caused by these diseases and by other damage problems is also included.