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Future fire in Canada’s boreal forest: paleoecology results and general circulation model - regional climate model simulations. 2001. Flannigan, M.D.; Campbell, I.D.; Wotton, B.M.; Carcaillet, C.; Richard, P.; Bergeron, Y. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 31(5): 854-864.

Year: 2001

Issued by: Northern Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 18495

Language: English

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General circulation model simulations suggest the Earth's climate will be 1–3.5°C warmer by AD 2100. This will influence disturbances such as forest fires, which are important to circumpolar boreal forest dynamics and, hence, the global carbon cycle. Many suggest climate warming will cause increased fire activity and area burned. Here, we use the Canadian Forest Fire Weather Index to simulate future forest fire danger, showing the expected increase in most of Canada but with significant regional variability including a decrease in much of eastern Canada. These results are in general agreement with paleoecological data and general circulation model results from the 6000 calendar years BP interval, which was a time of a warmer climate that may be an analogue for a future climate.