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The Ontario forest health data co-operative. 2001. Hopkin, A.A.; Fenech, A.; Liljalehto, H.; McLaughlin, D.; Williams, T. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 67: 131-139.

Year: 2001

Available from: Great Lakes Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 18613

Language: English

CFS Availability: PDF (request by e-mail)


The Canadian Forest Service, the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment all conduct monitoring of forest health in Ontario. Among these agencies over 1500 permanent sample plots are monitored for purposes of assessing tree condition and/or site productivity. The data and length of record differ depending on the original intent of the plot system. However, a number of common variables are collected including basic tree measurements (tree height, stem diameter), mortality and site condition. Other variables collected at certain sites include crown condition, pest damage, ground vegetation, soils descriptions, and soils and foliage chemistry. A co-operative has been formed to compile this information from various sources and to make it more easily accessible. Information from these projects is available through the co-operative web site and can be extracted to report on forest health in a region of the province, or on an individual tree species. Information from these sources provide a picture of forest health in Ontario.

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