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Acylated flavone C-glycosides from Cucumis sativus. 2001. Abou-Zaid, M.M.; Lombardo, D.A.; Kite, G.C.; Grayer, R.J.; Veitch, N.C. Phytochemistry 58: 167-172.

Year: 2001

Issued by: Great Lakes Forestry Centre

Catalog ID: 18629

Language: English

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Leaves of Cucumis sativus plants treated with silicon and infected with Sphaerotheca fuliginea yielded five new acylated flavone C-glycosides identified as isovitexin 2"-O-(6'"-(E)-p-coumaroyl)glucoside (6), isovitexin 2"-O-(6'"-(E)-p-coumaroyl)glucoside-4'-O-glucoside (7), isovitexin 2"-O-(6'"-(E)-feruloyl)glucoside-4'-O-glucoside (11), isoscoparin 2"-O-(6'"-(E)-p-coumaroyl)glucoside (9), and isoscoparin 2"-O-(6'"-(E)-feruloyl)glucoside-4'-O-glucoside (12). The known flavone-glycosides isovitexin (1), saponarin (2), saponarin 4'-O-glucoside (3), vicenin-2 (4), apigenin 7-O-(6"-O-p-coumaroylglucoside) (5), isovitexin 2"-O-(6'"-(E)-feruloyl)glucoside (8) and isoscoparin 2"-O-(6'"-(E)-feruloyl)glucoside (10), were also identified in this plant material.